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Les animaux du camp

During a walk around the campsite you will encounter donkeys and ponies in their beautiful paddock with shelter. A little further on, you will discover the goat and pig enclosure. Geese also roam throughout the camp and particularly love the ponds. In the meadows at the back of the campsite are the horses. And of course all this is without counting the wild animals that come to visit us in the summer.

An important reminder of our internal regulations:

For their health, it is strictly forbidden to feed animals without exception!

The animals at Willow Camp follow a specific diet!

Although some may seem unhealthy to you, this is not the case. Some are elderly and live a peaceful retirement here with appropriate care. For their well-being, please do not disturb their calm.


FYI: certain actions that seem harmless and have good intentions can have disastrous consequences and poison an animal in just a few hours. A simple carrot can kill a horse in 2 hours if it is banned from its diet. Dry bread, contrary to popular belief, is very bad for all animals.

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